Patience is the Hardest Part

For the record, I am not a fan of waiting when I am super excited about something.   I need a daily mantra on patience I think.   I’ve been reading some blogs lately where the writers have detailed the planning and research that started their full-time RV lifestyle.  I’ve learned a lot by reading their

The Evolution of an RV Plan

When I make a big decision, it inevitably evolves in several stages.  My creative and imaginative nature lends itself to fantasy and whimsy at first.  Eventually, reality and common sense prevail.  I learned this about myself long ago, I understand my process and know I should take a certain amount of time to thoroughly plan and research

Cats, Laundry, A Swimming Pool, & Meditation

I played hooky from work today.  I could have gone, and perhaps should have gone, but I didn’t and that’s OK.  I woke up feeling really lousy, and it didn’t take too much arguing with myself to decide work was not going to happen in my life today.   I actually laid in bed until around

My Personal Road to Happiness

I’ve lived many places in my 40 something years.   Though I enjoyed most of them, I never really felt attached to a particular place, so I moved any time an opportunity came up. For the past 18 months, I have known I wanted to move (current location: Arizona), and even pinpointed 5 possible states