Working on a Mobile Work Plan

A few weeks ago, I took a first step in what I hope will be a sufficient income source when I begin my travels next year. In addition to that project, this website is under constant development as I continue to slowly learn SEO and monetization principles. However, this site is more for my own

Little Sparks of Happiness

Light was beginning to filter through my blinds when found myself slowly waking this morning.  I could sense, through my still closed eyes, that the room was beginning to light up from the pitch black overnight.  My alarm would be going off soon.  I nuzzled my face into my pillow a little more, wishing there

Patience is the Hardest Part

For the record, I am not a fan of waiting when I am super excited about something.   I need a daily mantra on patience I think.   I’ve been reading some blogs lately where the writers have detailed the planning and research that started their full-time RV lifestyle.  I’ve learned a lot by reading their

The Evolution of an RV Plan

When I make a big decision, it inevitably evolves in several stages.  My creative and imaginative nature lends itself to fantasy and whimsy at first.  Eventually, reality and common sense prevail.  I learned this about myself long ago, I understand my process and know I should take a certain amount of time to thoroughly plan and research

Cats, Laundry, A Swimming Pool, & Meditation

I played hooky from work today.  I could have gone, and perhaps should have gone, but I didn’t and that’s OK.  I woke up feeling really lousy, and it didn’t take too much arguing with myself to decide work was not going to happen in my life today.   I actually laid in bed until around

My Personal Road to Happiness

I’ve lived many places in my 40 something years.   Though I enjoyed most of them, I’ve never really felt attached to a particular place, so I moved any time an opportunity came up. For the past 18 months, I have known I wanted to move (current location: Arizona), and even pinpointed 5 possible states