Crazy Facts About Me – Vegetarian and Vegan Eating

I’ll start this post by saying it won’t interest everyone.  And that’s OK.   I will also say that this aspect of my life, and my choice to be a Vegetarian/Vegan is a very personal one.  You will never find me pushing my diet on you.  I will politely answer your questions if you ask and

Work and a Peace Cookie

My friend Steve came by my desk at work last week.  He’s a pretty down to earth and accepting guy.  Interesting too.  He’s an alchemist in his free time and has natural dreadlocks that he treats with essential oils, so he has kind of an earthy fragrance when he is in your presence.  (He smells

Cats, Laundry, A Swimming Pool, & Meditation

I played hooky from work today.  I could have gone, and perhaps should have gone, but I didn’t and that’s OK.  I woke up feeling really lousy, and it didn’t take too much arguing with myself to decide work was not going to happen in my life today.   I actually laid in bed until around