The Inspiration Behind My Decision #5: Without Bound

In the months since I decided to pursue a mobile lifestyle, I have been blessed to have almost constant inspiration keeping me motivated and driven in pursuit of my goals.  I never know how or where the motivation will appear, but it can be as simple as seeing an RV pull onto the highway on

The Inspiration Behind My Decision #4: The Doers

There are dreamers and there are doers.  Then there are the dreamers who are hell-bent on becoming doers.   I am in hell-bent category. “God willin’ and the creek don’t rise” as my Granny used to say. Even before the Office Hobo epiphany, I had begun researching travel trailer living options, but I was looking at

The Inspiration Behind My Decision #3: The Office Hobo

In late April (2015), I stumbled on an article by a guy who calls himself The Office Hobo.  The title, I Secretly Lived in my Office for 500 Days, intrigued me.  I was minimizing, I was living simply, but I was also paying a small fortune for rent.  If only my office didn’t have cameras everywhere…  

The Inspiration Behind My Decision #2: The Map

In March of this year (2015), someone sent me a link to an article with a map.  But this wasn’t an ordinary map.  This was the map of my future.  It charted a trip around the country, hitting every single state in the lower 48.  This had to happen in my life.  Sooner than later. The

The Inspiration Behind My Decision #1: Minimizing

My decision to become a full-time traveler came after a series of discoveries.  Each one guiding me to the next epiphany.  I’m excited to share each of them with you and I hope you find a spark that ignites a fire inside you as well! My inspiration started with simplifying.  It was November 2014 and

My RV/Travel Wish List

Lists are fun.  Not as much fun as traveling will be, but sometimes the planning can be just as exciting.  Since I am almost a year out from actually being on the road, I plan and research a lot.  It keeps me focused on my goals and provides a strong feeling of confidence in my

A Little Creative Visualization

There are days I wake up and wish I was a year ahead of where I am now.  Most people my age would never wish to ‘lose’ a year, but I am anxious to get on with my plans. I’ve never been particularly practical (let alone patient) about anything, so the urge to jump wildly into my