Cats, Laundry, A Swimming Pool, & Meditation

I played hooky from work today.  I could have gone, and perhaps should have gone, but I didn’t and that’s OK.  I woke up feeling really lousy, and it didn’t take too much arguing with myself to decide work was not going to happen in my life today.   I actually laid in bed until around noon.  Not really sleeping, just chilling out, thinking, and browsing Facebook.

Then it happened.  My oldest cat Basil coughed up a hairball (and some food he had just eaten) all over my bed.   I went to the bathroom to grab some tissues while Basil proceeded to try to cover it up with my pillow and sheet.  Somehow it managed to get all over everything on the bed.  A load of laundry would have to be done.  Like now.   I typically do laundry at night as a courtesy to my landlords, since they pay the bill and it’s cheaper after 8PM.  This was an unavoidable day laundry situation. 

Basil Kitty
Basil Kitty

Let me digress a bit to explain my living situation.  Three weeks ago I moved out of the hotel I had lived in since April, and into a tiny and wonderful little studio apartment, effectively cutting my rent in half.  This studio is actually part of a house.  There was a large room at the back corner of the house that was not being maximized.  My landlords decided to cut it off from the rest of the house, create its own entrance on the side, and rent it out.   There is a whole story here for another time perhaps, but let’s just say the Universe conspired to bring me to these wonderful people, who were holding out for just the right renter.  The point of telling you this is to help you understand that I must go to the back of the house, by the pool, where there is an “Arizona Room” that houses the washer and dryer, to do my laundry.

I gathered up the puke-y bedding and wandered around the house to the laundry area. As I was loading the washer, I remembered a woman I had spoken to on Facebook earlier.  She asked me what my earth element was and I told her I was a Scorpio, so water is my element.  She asked me if I felt bogged down at all.  I did!  She suggested I immerse myself in water and meditate to let that energy go.  To ‘connect’ with my earth element if you will.  It was a lovely idea but my studio only has a shower.  There would be no immersion for me I thought.  Then, as I was turning around from the washer, there was the pool.  I could immerse in the pool!

I hopped right into the pool with my leggings and t-shirt on, sat down, and started meditating.  Yes I did, fully clothed, and it was amazing.  In fact, I highly recommend it.  I did not intend to sit there as long as I did, but almost an hour had gone by before I realized it.  (Thankfully the shallow end of the pool is shaded by the house practically all day) That one hour of my day boosted my confidence, gave me back my energy, solidified action on some much-needed changes, and gave me an overwhelming feeling of both physical and mental wellness.  Who could have known that a puking cat, daytime laundry, and a fully clothed swimming pool meditation session, were the keys to happiness today?  I am beyond rejuvenated!

I’m so glad I didn’t go to work today.  This negates every ounce of guilt I was feeling about it.  And my sheets smell amazing.


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