Daydreaming, Money, and Mobile Work

Money and daydreams
My personal Google Map is full of little gold stars marking all the places I must go see.

It’s a good thing you don’t need money to daydream because I do it regularly as I prepare for my travels.  I’ll read a blog post from a traveler I follow, watch a youtube video a fellow nomad has posted, and I get sucked right in.  When I’m at work and a technician calls me from a state I am less familiar with, I will always ask for recommendations of places to see or visit.  In all of these situations, I’ll add the place to a spreadsheet I’ve created of places I want to go and see.  I also favorite the location on Google Maps.  As a result, there are a lot of little gold stars on my Google map.  A lot.  

Someone I work with suggested I will get tired and bored after a year on the road and be ready to settle down again before I know it.  Since the person barely knows me, I chuckled slightly at the suggestion but smiled politely and said, “I guess we’ll see”.  If she only knew.  I’ve never really been settled down.  Maybe I show her the other map I have.  The one that lists the 30 plus cities I’ve lived in over the years.

I know myself pretty well, and there may be times I want to hang out for a little while, but I know if a thought strikes me to go, I will leave almost immediately.  It’s hard to make assumptions now, but the only things I imagine planting me in one spot for more than a month will be the need to earn money or the physical inability to travel due to health reasons.  Without an exception since becoming an adult, I have not stayed in one area more than 3-5 years.  Even in those few years, within that area, I tend to move every 12-18 months minimum.  Too long in one spot and I start getting anxiety.  I start craving completely different experiences, scenery, shops, restaurants, people, etc.

I realize, if the streams of income I am working to develop are slow to take off or don’t earn what I expect them to, I may have to stop and work, in one form or another now and then.  Ideally, I will be able to find something mobile if I have to work for someone else.  I am subscribed to, and regularly check in at, for remote work opportunities.  As I have mentioned before, if I get a month or two from my launch date and am not bringing in the money I want, I will start applying in earnest through Flex Jobs for mobile work positions.

There are truly so many options out there, more than many people realize, yet the number one question working age nomads get is “How will you make a living?”  I am by no means an expert on the subject but I have found a few people that I call on for expertise and there are more resources online than you can imagine!  Here are a few random links I like.  Perhaps they will ease any concerns and motivate you like they did me:money

Wand’rly – How to Make a Living on the Road

RV-Dreams – Earning a Living on the Road can be Done!

The Barefoot Nomad – 45 Jobs you can do While Traveling the World (this article was originally written a few years ago but has very up to date resources)

Escapees RV Club – This RV Club (for travelers of ALL ages) has its own Job Board for Nomadic minded travelers

Technomadia – Mobile Income Sources for Non-Retired Rvers – Some good links in here!

Additionally, the topic comes up every single week without fail during the Nomadic Fanatics Podcast, so stop in some Friday when we’re live or visit our YouTube channel for replays.

If you don’t have a skill or nothing in those links gives you any ideas, take a class, get a certification, build a niche website, write, take pictures, or create something!  Figure out your passion, understand your purpose and build something from there.  The most important thing is to not give up, the money will eventually follow.  If it doesn’t seem like it’s possible, ask yourself if you truly want this lifestyle.  If your answer is yes, don’t stop brainstorming until you figure it out.

Every person I know who is living their dream made a sacrifice somewhere at first, but they all took bold risks, overcame obstacles and moments of doubt to get where they are today.  They never stopped trying (or believing) until they were doing what made them truly happy.  And you know what?  When and if it no longer makes them happy, they’ll do something else.

That is really the core of everything in life as far as I’m concerned.  Happiness.  No matter what it is, no matter what anyone says, you absolutely must do what makes you happy.  You’ve got one life.  Don’t die with your dream, unfulfilled, inside you.  Go make it happen!


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