About Devan

Hello!  My name is Devan.  I have had a strong sense of wanderlust since I was very young.  Through the years, I have lived in 9 states and 30+ cities within those states.  I have also visited 29 states (so far) and Canada.  I’ve never felt particularly attached to any one place, so I have been prone to venture out into the unknown and explore new locations often.

In the early months of 2015, after spending more than a year trying to decide where I wanted to go next, a series of serendipitous events occurred that completely redirected my life and my focus.  What started as an idea to take a 4-6 month sabbatical to travel the country in my car, very quickly became living and traveling full time in an RV indefinitely!  (You can find a series of ongoing posts, detailing the inspiration behind my decision to travel full-time, by clicking here.)

I am now on a quest to plan, plot, save, earn, and research, with a launch date of no later than June 2nd, 2017.  This blog is part of that journey.  I plan to detail my progress from planning to implementation, with an ultimate goal to share my travels when I get on the road.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it!?

To reach my goals sooner rather than later, I work a regular 9-5 job for both the health benefits and salary.  It was a choice that understandably limits my freedom in the now, but one that will help me move forward faster with my plans than I could otherwise.

As for me, I’m an entertaining balance of extremes; gregarious and adventurous, yet also solitary and laid-back. If you know anything about the 16 personality types, I am typed as an xNFP – I am borderline for introvert/extrovert tendencies. The remaining typology (NFP) is completely on point with strong numbers toward the remaining traits, only the introvert/extrovert inclinations vary.  This flexibility in my personality is actually quite complimentary to the mobile lifestyle I am pursuing and is a good reason why traveling solo has such an appeal for me.  The travel itself can be solitary, but the destination can potentially provide the social interaction I also enjoy.

Basil and Freddie, my travel companions.

Though I will be traveling without human companionship, I will not be alone.  My cats Basil and Freddie will be joining me on my adventures.  Basil is a 6-year-old brownish tiger cat who is fairly quiet and timid.  I adopted him as a kitten and he was an only cat for a little more than a year.  I firmly believe he would prefer to be an only cat even now, as you can almost sense his intense aggravation with Freddie’s existence.  Freddie came to me 5 years ago after a friend found him and 2 siblings in a dumpster.  He is a black and white Tuxedo cat who is extremely energetic and outgoing.  (read: obnoxious)  He loves to sit with me as I write, which as you can likely guess, allows me to get very little writing done.  Thankfully he is easily wooed away by canned food.

My hobbies and passions include photography, writing, travel, reading, self-reflection, meditation, animals, and nature. I believe in kindness, compassion, empathy and non-judgment.  I endeavor to live a life abundant in each of those principles.

I welcome you to my journey.  I hope you are inspired to live your truth and follow your bliss!


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