Mobile Income And Working On The Road

Once I decided I wanted to live a mobile lifestyle, I realized I would have to rethink how I earned a living.  My first thought was to keep my current job and just transfer as often as they would let me.  I soon found out they require a one-year minimum at a location before requesting a transfer.  Even worse, the transfer could only happen if something was available in another office.  We had recently joined a communications union so I decided to talk to my representative.  The news is even worse.   I will be lucky to get a transfer every 2 years.

My 9-5 is a good job with great benefits but in my heart, I know transferring every 2 years won’t work for me.  I evaluated my budget to see just how much money I actually needed each month and found I could take a pay cut.  Great!  Even if I made minimum wage, I would be fine.

My next idea was living and working 3-4 months in one location, then going to another spot for 3-4 months, and repeating that cycle indefinitely.  Though I would prefer a less static option, this is still my back up plan if all else fails.

For a long time, I just couldn’t see past the idea of needing to work a 9-5, even if only part-time.  I still may have to, but I’m having fun exploring alternatives.  

In the spirit of earning a living while remaining mobile, I have taken up writing again.  I’ve always loved writing but never really thought of it as something I could do to make a living.  I hope I can prove myself wrong.  I find myself rather clever and my current lack of an adoring public doesn’t hinder my enthusiasm in the least.  If I keep writing, someone is bound to think my words are worth their time.

I also started this Blog, but it is less about making money and more about sharing my journey.  Plus I get to write a lot of words and the more words I put together, the better I get at putting them together.  ☺

I have another site I am considering and if it works out I will link it to this blog.  Everything is all in the planning and creating stages, but I feel good about it and my ideas.  Of course, everything I think I have planned now could go in a vastly different direction a month from now.  Regardless, I believe in my ability to create something viable.

Luckily, my 30’s proved to me I don’t need wealth.  It didn’t make me remotely happy after all.  In fact, the 10 years of struggle in my early 40’s provided me with more personal growth than ever.

I just want to earn a living for myself while traveling and have a little extra to put away for emergencies.

In June or so next year, if things are not progressing as I’d like, I will reassess.  I have subscribed to the highly recommended Flexjobs career site and review the posted opportunities regularly.  If I must, I will find a job that will allow me the mobile flexibility I need, because I am still leaving as planned.  The one thing I will not reassess is my start date.  Unless the start date is sooner.  I’m good with sooner.


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2 thoughts on “Mobile Income And Working On The Road

  1. Awesome post. I guess I am one of your “adoring public” people … reading your great story. As far as work goes – keep looking and searching. Remember – Amazon as well as some other workcamping options that would provide you with a free site and some income.

    1. Holy smokes! My adoring public has grown to 2 members now! *grin* I have listened to some folks talk about the Amazon thing and I am a tad leery. It sounds somewhat grueling, but I’m not afraid of hard work if necessary!

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