Little Sparks of Happiness

Light was beginning to filter through my blinds when found myself slowly waking this morning.  I could sense, through my still closed eyes, that the room was beginning to light up from the pitch black overnight.  My alarm would be going off soon.  I nuzzled my face into my pillow a little more, wishing there was more time to sleep.

Suddenly I heard a faint but persistent purrrrrrrrrr right beside me.  I slowly opened my eyes to find my handsome cat Freddie curled up right next to my pillow, staring right at me.  He raised his head slightly, blinked at me a couple times, then let out a gentle meow. 

I stayed just like that, gently petting Freddie until my alarm went off a few minutes later.  I lingered a little even after I turned off the alarm, listening to the rhythm of the purring in my ear.  Against my own wishes, I forced myself to get up and get ready.  I believe Freddie shared my sentiment on staying in bed, because as I got up, his purring was replaced by squeaky grunts, as he also made his way out of bed.  

After a series of hard core wake up stretches, Freddie dutifully followed me around as I got ready for work.  Hopping up on the bathroom sink to make sure I brushed all my teeth.  Sitting atop the dresser, inspecting my wardrobe choices for the day.  Standing guard by the fridge, just in case I dropped part of my lunch. Meowing at his food bowl to make sure I filled it properly before my departure.  And finally saying goodbye, while perched on the arm of the sofa, as I made my exit.

Freddie lounging - his favorite pastime
Freddie lounging – his favorite pastime

I absolutely love finding complete joy and happiness in the simplest of moments.  I wake every morning in a mindset of happiness.  Groggy perhaps, but happy.  This wasn’t always the case, but it is a conscious decision now.  There was a time I would not have appreciated the beauty of the moment(s) I experienced this morning, but I am so very happy to be who I am now and free of the negative thinking that used to consume my life.

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