When A Monster Needs Their Mom

Monster Mom Reporting For Duty

My adult child does not like being mentioned on my blog (which is why I always refer to the nickname “Monster”) but I wanted to clarify the ‘why’ in my current plans.  As much as I can anyway.  Basically, my kid has a medical issue and needs my help.  So I am heading to Phoenix soon.  I will be there for at least one week and maybe more.  Exactly how long is unknown, for now.  Regardless, I will be there when (and for as long as) the monster needs me.

I’m not excited about going to Phoenix while it’s still hot, but the nights will be cooling down more very soon.  I also know a spot, about an hour away, where it’s 10 degrees cooler overnight.  And still close enough to be there every day if the monster needs me.

I was planning to leave for Flagstaff soon anyway.  With my Phoenix detour, I’ll arrive in Flagstaff a little later than I intended, but I still plan to go.  The predicted forecast suggests it will stay above freezing in Flagstaff through October (with 3 or 4 exceptions).  My plan is to spend most of October in Flagstaff until I leave for the van build event in Lake Havasu, the first 2 weeks of November.  Probably.  

The San Francisco Conundrum

For several years I have planned a visit to San Francisco, where I was born, for my 50th birthday.  That happens on November 6th this year.  In the middle of the van build event.  Most people I’ve told about the situation have shared one of the following 3 opinions:

1.)  Don’t be sentimental.  Just go to the van build to have the fan and/or solar installed.

2.)   Go to the van build, get the work done, then rush to San Francisco or Go to San Francisco, then rush to the van build to get the work done.

3.) Go to San Francisco and hope someone will help you install the fan and solar at the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous.

I’m ok with one or three, but I am not rushing to anything, so #2 is off the table.  Although… #2 would work if I went to San Francisco first and ‘happened’ to make it back in time to have the work done.

I believe it was my Mom who suggested that the specific day isn’t as important as the year.  It’s all in the way you choose to look at it.  I could plan to go before 2017 is over if I want to do it within a visual 50-year range (1967 – 2017).  Or I can just plan a visit at some point during the year I am 50 years old.

Frankly, writing this out and reading it over, makes me think I’m being a little silly about the whole thing.  I’m rationalizing a visit to a city I will most certainly visit at least yearly going forward.  Do I really need to be there on a certain day, in a certain year?  I might be over thinking it.  That shouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me.  🙂

Heatwave in San Diego

The last two days have been brutal here in San Diego.  92 yesterday with 88% humidity going into the evening.  94 today and 58% humidity as of this moment.  The worst is tonight when it’s going to be 79 overnight.  It has been the worst heat here this summer.  Although I can’t complain when I saw San Francisco shattered every record in its history, hitting 106 yesterday.

Tomorrow we’re expecting the first rain of the summer.  Temps will be dropping to 80 as the high – YAY!  I am definitely looking forward to tomorrow (today when you read this).

My favorite grocery store in San Diego

I’m off to The Ocean Beach People’s Organic Market to grab a few things.  The whole store is completely vegetarian.  I can buy anything without having to read a label.  It’s magical.

More soon.  In the meantime, live your life out loud and keep pursuing whatever dream lights up your spirit!




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  1. Great that you are helping out Monster … sometimes a monster does indeed need their mother … heck isn’t that true for all of us at one time or another. You are definitely a great mom!!! Get the van build done you can visit your nostalgic city anytime you want but the van build is very important. Love and miss you!!!

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