My Personal Road to Happiness

I’ve lived many places in my 40 something years.   Though I enjoyed most of them, I’ve never really felt attached to a particular place, so I moved any time an opportunity came up. For the past 18 months, I have known I wanted to move (current location: Arizona), and even pinpointed 5 possible states to move too. Thoughts of a tiny studio in Long Beach CA or cabin in the mountains near Missoula MT were both equally appealing to me. I just couldn’t make up my mind where to go. 

After an epiphany in late in 2014, I started a major downsizing and minimizing project. Then in early March 2015 I came across this:

Computing the Optimal Road Trip Across the US

Immediately after reading it, I started writing down exactly what my basic non-flexible monthly expenses were, and potential travel expenses, if I were to make this trip. I budgeted for a 3-month trip. My plan was to take a leave from work to do it, and blog about it along the way. My research over the next month led me to a YouTube video of a full-time RVer, which let me to another, and so forth. Before I knew it, I had a purpose I was more passionate about than anything in my life until then, and now.

I’ve had mostly positive feedback about my decision to travel full-time by RV, though frankly, negative feedback isn’t welcome.  I’ve spent a lifetime wondering why I never felt settled in one place, and it turns out I don’t have to settle.  My parents wonder why it never occurred to me before now, since they talked about it all through my childhood, and have been on the road (off and on) since I graduated high school.  My father recently emailed me his recollection of a rainy, windy night, parked along the highway somewhere and the feeling that life couldn’t feel more perfect than it did right then.  I can’t wait to have that feeling myself.

I can’t recall how old I was then, but I remember buying an RV Christmas ornament for my father as a gift.  I included a note promising him that I would buy him an RV one day when I was “old and rich”.  I actually have a recurring dream of buying my parents an RV and stashing $100 bills randomly throughout, to help them with gas.  I’ve also had an unsettling recurring dream since childhood about the Keebler Elves trying to tie me down to a conveyor belt and force me into that darn tree of theirs to make me into a cookie, but that’s a story for therapy perhaps.  grin  As it turns out, I will be buying that RV for myself, I hope it comes with $100 bills stashed throughout and no Keebler elves.

A plan is in place, I have downsized and minimized, and am saving for my RV.  Unless something fantastical happens between now and then, allowing me the opportunity to leave sooner, I will be waving goodbye to Arizona in August 2016.

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