The 12 Days of RV Christmas

My Parents and The 12 Days of RV Christmas

Perhaps it was because we lived in San Francisco/Oakland at the height of the hippie movement in the 60’s, but now that I am an adult, I realize my parents had a different way of thinking than most friends parents. 

I complained about them incessantly as most kids do and gave my mother more hell that she ever deserved, but even on the worst day, I felt absolutely accepted and loved.  Creativity was strongly encouraged, reading was mandatory and good spelling/proper grammar duly rewarded.  And my parents knew no strangers.  Anyone from every walk of life was befriended.  There was a steady stream of various characters in my life until I left home at 18.  It was a wonderful lesson in acceptance non-judgment.

During high school, my parents volunteered with the local fire department as Advanced EMTs.  EVERYONE in town knew them so I could get away with absolutely nothing.  It was a teenagers nightmare and to make matters worse, much to my angsty teenage chagrin, my friends absolutely adored them.  Ultimately, through it all, I knew they had no interest in whether I became a rocket scientist, a famous actor, or a housewife, they only wanted me to be happy at whatever I chose.  They have supported me in everything I have done and my decision to quit my job and travel full time is no exception.

People often ask me how my parents feel about my plans.  I tell them they are 100% supportive and encouraging.  As an example, I share this story.

Just before Christmas 2015, my parents knocked it out of the park, as they often do.  This isn’t the first time they have surprised me with something fun, creative, and out of the box, but this one was special.

Each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas I had a gift to unwrap and an audio to listen to after I opened it.  The final picture is an audio file with the 12th day summary of The 12 Days of RV/nomad Christmas, personalized for me, from the hearts and minds of my incredible parents.

12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
A box arrives with presents numbered with dates.


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
Day One – The flashlight they wanted was out of stock until mid-January so they bought this small one until it’s available


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
Because you must have a level or 4


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
There will be measuring!


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
Fantastic little hammer. Heavy and sturdy but not awkward for me like a larger hammer. I LOVE this.


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
TOOLS! I can tear things apart and put them back together if I want to!  Everyone should be sufficiently afraid.


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
I have never owned one of these. Really.  Never.


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
These belonged to my paternal Grandfather.  Don’t call them old, they just have character.  He was a painter and a handyman so this is a perfect memory of him to take along with me.


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
Can’t say I ever knew something like this existed. It’s kind of cool!


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
Seriously, you just can’t have too many of these!


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
Boo Boo Fixer.  I feel like I am definitely going to use this.  This one of two kits I got in this haul.  This one my mom put together by hand.


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
The card from Day 11 – pic of items below.  Also, Mom mentioned that Daddy was pretty excited to be able to work in the term ‘ad infinitum’.


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
Some day 11 stuff…


12 Days of RV Christmas - Parents
More day 11 – A box from Amazon with notes.  Again with the ad Infinitum.  *giggle*


DAY 12 with Audio of the whole 12 days as written by my folks.  Sung by my Dad, with a sweet message at the end from both Mom and Dad.  You may think it’s silly but I cried as I listened to it because I was so overwhelmed with how wonderfully thoughtful my parents are and how supported and loved I knew I was.


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8 thoughts on “My Parents and The 12 Days of RV Christmas

  1. OMG – this is the most amazing post I have read on anyone’s blog and your parents are AWESOME!!!!! What a great way to open 2016 and begin your final planning for getting on the road. Brilliant. I love your parents. Best wishes for a most amazing new year and GREAT blog post.

    1. Thank you Patrick! I was blow away by it myself. And they are pretty awesome if I do say so myself. *grin* Thank you so much for being so supportive and always giving me such great advice!

  2. I loved it, I have been following your adventure from when it started. I am very happy for you, you will do real fine out on the road and where ever you settle if you do not like it there is 49 more states to try. I am conf you will make it where ever you go. Place a cross in you RV to help quide you as you travel, you will never be alone. I want to wish you a happy, healthy, future stay in touch and if you ever need to talk call or write me. “Buono Futuno”

    1. Thank you Matthew! I am thrilled that you are enjoying my ‘pre-adventure’. I know August 1 will be here before I know it, but I’m antsy and excited to start so things like this really inspire me to work harder to get out there sooner. Thank you for your encouragement and I appreciate you!

  3. Oh my, that is just so funny and very sweet. I’m crying from laughter!!

    Very creative to come up with those gifts and words to the song. Glad you have supportive parents. Can’t wait for your trip to start. 🙂

    Take care,


    1. They are pretty clever. For my 16th birthday they got me a phone (it was the 80’s so it was a landline) and they did a whole scavenger hunt to find it. There was even a clue in a jar of green olives in the fridge!

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