A Podcast, Random Kindness, Money, And More

I have a little bit to say about a lot of things today.  I usually like to stay focused on one topic, but the last 7 days have been a little bit of crazy, so this is what you get when that happens.

We’ll start with the new ‘podcast’ I have been participating in, for Working Age Nomads (and aspiring nomads), hosted by Yarvee and featuring Nomadic Fanatic.  The first couple of test episodes were pretty successful so the plan is to continue them on a regular basis.  A new website has been created at TheNomadicFanatics.com and though it is still under development by Jonathan (Yarvee), you can go there and sign up for email updates right now if you like.   You can catch the video podcast on Blab.im at 6 PM PST each Friday if you would like to join the discussion.  Guests each week will include various full-time Rv-ers and nomads, and the topics will be decided mostly by the audience, via question a and answer format.12317452_135106933523283_1960227637_n

The NomadiCats are having a good week.  Bird watching seems to be high on the agenda this morning.  Basil has positioned himself atop my printer for a better view (I need to find a way to circumvent his tendency to sit there) and Freddie is sitting on the desk behind my computer chirping at the two birds playing in the back yard.  I snapped a shot of them to share with you since they were being particularly cute.

Recently I mentioned I am leaning in the direction of a Van rather than a small Class C RV.   A couple of particularly good friends have supported and encouraged the decision, one sending me fantastic emails full of amazing detailed van information and sharing his own travel experiences, including his trip to the RTR last year.  (Thank you, David!).    Another friend in Florida, Patrick from The Paddy Wagon, sent me pictures of a really nice Dodge Winnebago Camper Van that he thought I would like and it had me researching them almost instantly.  This is a killer looking vehicle, and while not entirely stealthy, it is pretty sexy.  (If you don’t mind my saying so.)  As I have mentioned in the past, I will likely buy a used van or RV, several years old in fact, to save money.  But I am really liking this one.  I have time though, and I won’t rush myself.

Which actually brings me to money.  I plan to quit my job in August when I get on the road full time.  The one thing I have struggled with is how I plan to make money while I travel.  I have heeded the advice of many working age nomads already on the road and have been working on multiple streams of income.  My positive living and coaching site is now almost complete, and once done, I have a Vegan products and recipe site that will follow in a few months.  Recently  I lucked into finding a small group of entrepreneurs who are all working together, helping each other build multiple income streams.  Each opportunity is heavily researched and vetted prior to participation by the group, and I am currently investing a small amount in 2 of them.

20151207_093956Now, as exciting as making money is, what is even more exciting is getting free stuff.  On my way to work this morning, I stopped at Circle K for a cup of coffee.  As I headed to the counter, after creating my perfect concoction, the familiar face of the cashier was beaming a gigantic smile at me.  I looked behind me, wondering what he was smiling at, but the store was empty so it was definitely me.  “Your coffee is free today!” he exclaimed as I reached the counter.  I think I muttered something in confusion as he very excitedly told me about a man who came in earlier and paid for 10 cups of coffee for the next 10 people who came in to buy it.  The cashier had never experienced anything like that before, so he was thoroughly enjoying the fact that he was able to tell everyone this fantastic news.   Think about that.  One man decides to pay for 10 cups of coffee for 10 random people.  He leaves, feeling good about his deed.  But the ripple effect is, not only did he make 10 people happy with his caffeinated kindness, but he brought joy to the cashier 10 times when he got to tell everyone that their coffee was free.  Now THAT is one hell of a random act of kindness, multiplied!  Kind of makes you want to go out and do something like that today doesn’t it?  I think you should.  No, I think we should.  You in?

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  1. Yes I am definitely in! Thanks for the great mention in your blog. That makes my day!!! And yes – the dodge was pretty sexy for sure!

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