Ending The Year With Some Questions And Answers


Why would you give up a normal life?   Normal for one person is not normal for the next.  Some people aspire to have a large home with lots of ‘stuff’.  Some people seek to have a modest house in the suburbs with a couple of kids and doting husband.  Some prefer to live dead center of a major metropolitan area and thrive off the hustle and bustle around them.  Some people favor a tiny house or tiny studio, pretty much anywhere, enjoying less stuff and more simplicity.  And there are variations of all these.  No one way of living is more right or wrong than the other.  My idea of what I need in life to be happy is completely different and it took me years to figure it out.  Now that I have, there is no doubt this choice is right for me.  The traveling community is actually quite large and becoming more attractive to more and more people every day.  Whether our nomadic souls live in a motorhome, a modified van, or are traveling the world living out of a backpack; we are adventurers, explorers, knowledge seekers, and independent thinkers.  We come in all shapes and sizes and from every imaginable background.  In fact, it is very likely you know someone who would love to live the life we have chosen.  

Are you running away from something?  I am a runner.  But I am not running away from myself.  I am aware that any problems I have, go with me wherever I go.  I ‘run’ because I crave experiences, I go because an opportunity has presented itself and I don’t want to ever regret not taking a chance.  My local moves are usually out of boredom and a need to experience something new.  My major geographical moves vary in their reasoning.  Almost every time, without fail, an opportunity knocked so I answered.  I can’t explain the rush I get from making a major change, from learning about a new state, city, or culture.  I am absolutely a better person for it, though.  I am more open minded, accepting and knowledgeable because of all the places I have been, lived, and experienced.

Did something happen?  Yeah, it did.  I couldn’t decide where to move.  I spent a year researching and trying to make up my mind.  The decision was important to me because I’m in my late 40’s and didn’t know if I would have the opportunity to move many more times in my life.  There were so many more places I wanted to experience but the process of moving is costly and requires saving for a few years.  One day late in 2014, I discovered minimalism and vowed to never own more than I could fit in my vehicle, should I ever want to move.  It evolved from there.  So yeah, something did happen.  I had an epiphany about what was important in my life.

Questions and Answers Post
1995 Airstream 190 – Quite likely the perfect van for me. Sure a new fancy one would be awesome, but it’s pricey and would not have the same carachter as this one.

You’ll change your mind.  No.  No, I won’t.  I have absolutely never been so sure of anything before in my life.  The only thing I am not sure of is what I will live in.  It’s looking like a van is my best option at the moment but I won’t know until I make the purchase.  I start shopping with the intent to buy in January and plan to take my time in the process so I get exactly what I need.  (I recently fell in love with Nomada Whateva’s van and YarrVee helped me figure out what it was. He even found one for sale in TX.  If I had just a little more saved I would go to TX and buy it.  Like right now.  No joke.)

You can’t quit your job.  Why?  Says who?  While it is true I have a particularly good job with good pay for someone without a college degree, it does not make me happy.  I am very free spirited and the corporate environment I have been shackled to for a living my whole life is not all conducive to my personality or sense of reason.  I’ve always struggled but managed to get by.  2 years at one place has been my average and almost 4 years was my longest.  I become disillusioned, disappointed, and disinterested.   As a general rule, I am well liked and perform well at my jobs, I just can’t find that happy sweet spot.  I have also started several businesses over the years and have always worked one side hustle or another for extra money.  Right now I have about 10 irons in the fire and believe at least 6 of those will provide various streams of income to support me in my travels.  I’m not trying to be rich, just trying to support myself on the road.  So yeah, I CAN, and will, quit my job.  (Though should I need to, I am not opposed to working for someone remotely.)

It’s not safe.  In all honesty, it isn’t safe anywhere.  Someone could break in my apartment while I’m here or someone could shoot me in my car as I drive to work.  Someone could attack me at a restaurant/movie theater/gas station/office, etc.  I simply refuse to allow fear to dictate how I live my life.  I will take thoughtful and responsible steps to ensure my safety as a solo female traveler, but I won’t live in fear and give up living a life that seems so much more like a calling to me now.


Society, the news media, the entertainment industry, and corporations all try to tell us how we should live every day.  We are fed images, film, news stories, and promotional materials attempting to influence us into a certain lifestyle or ideal of how we should exist.  As a result, most of society has been so brainwashed that if someone tries to live a life that is true to their heart, but different than the norm, we judge and condemn it.  A nomadic YouTube personality I know has received comments in the past telling him things like “stop being a degenerate living in an RV”, “get a real job”, “become a productive member of society”,  “you are nothing but a homeless bum”.   It’s incredible to me that none of these people know him, yet are fast to judge him on everything.  You’ll notice the commenters clearly  have a problem with his alternative lifestyle, likely because they don’t understand it.  (though sadly, members of our own community harass him as well) If you knew this person, you would know that he is in no way perfect, but his heart is so good. He is just a simple guy who loves his cat, likes to travel, film, and share as he goes.   No need to make it more than it is.   Yet we have been programmed to believe that his way of living, a way that brings him such happiness, is somehow wrong.

If you want a house with a fence and security alarm, a full-time job climbing the corporate ladder, or to be a stay at home mom, then go for it!  If it is your calling and what is in your heart, be it, be all of it.  Just remember that we all want different things in life.  I’ve done the homemaker thing, been a stay at home Mom, I’ve had a career, and I have attempted to climb the corporate ladder.  None of it made me happy.  As it turns out, I am only truly at peace when I am free.  I know now that the nomadic adventure I am about to embark on is how I imagine an ideal life, for me.  I will not judge you, so I ask that you respect me and do not judge me.  I’m choosing freedom over societal expectations.  I’m going to do what is in my heart.  I’m not dropping out of society my friends, I’m simply choosing to participate in it as little or as much as I feel like.  Nothing wrong with that.

4 thoughts on “Ending The Year With Some Questions And Answers

  1. Hi,

    Just found your blog from comment over on YT. Looking forward to following along. I can totally relate to how you feel. I just want to be FREE to do what I want. Just tired of the job and no longer want the house and everything else. I’m not sure what kind of van I want to get and am working on down sizing all the crap.

    Take care and all the best to you in 2016!

    Northern CA

    1. Downsizing is such a process. I have done it several times. Just when I think I have gotten rid of everything I possibly can… I manage to find more. Moving into this tiny 240 square foot studio has been an incredible experience and has helped a lot. I highly recommend it, if you can, as you prepare and plan for life on the road. I’m still working at my job until I leave, but it no longer eats away at my soul because I have set a firm goal for departure. Whenever I have a tough day I remember I won’t be there much longer. A few more months… a few more months… lol I appreciate you reading and following along!

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