Sharing Is Caring: Give Me More Than Great Photographs

I need details.  If you are having a grand adventure and I want to have that same adventure, but know people who have had a tough time enjoying RV travels in the area you’re exploring just fine, I need you to be sharing some knowledge.  What are you doing that we didn’t think of?  Do you just have family there so boondocking and alternate transportation isn’t a thing for you?  Have you discovered a clever way to circumvent the troubles that most of us would have in places like that?  I appreciate your artistic photography, your blog detailing the beauty of the area and the trendy little spots you’re visiting, but darn it, give me some answers!  While I truly value the creativity in your content, (beautifully done, kudos to the highest degree) perhaps you wouldn’t mind a minor footnote to help folks like me who see beyond the art to the experience itself? 

Driving through San Francisco.  Less artistic, more navigating traffic.  Less lens, more windshield.

I’ve just spent an hour of my life looking through a late twenty something artsy couple’s Instagram and blog, attempting to find out how they managed to enjoy some of the sights and sounds in areas of CA I know to be difficult to boondock or camp in.  I Googled at least 20 of the 40 plus hashtags in one of the posts, but all I found were trendy topics that I didn’t understand and were just not helpful.  I’ve tried leaving a comment on one of their posts, but I notice there have been many questions posted in the last week that remain unanswered. Still, I remain optimistic that they’ll answer.

While this post may sound negative in nature, I do not intend it that way at all.  I just want to remind folks who are posting such incredible pictures and blogs, to give away a few of their secrets for the good of us all.  I totally understand keeping a couple of secrets to yourself.  An undiscovered boondocking hideaway is precious indeed, but throw a clue out there on how we might find our own gem in the same area.  Give me a hint how you managed to boondock in San Francisco or Venice Beach for example, because the last 2 people I know who went to both of those locations are well travelled and couldn’t make it work.  Help me to help myself when I go, please.

Also, just to revisit a previous thought, 40 plus hashtags on an Instagram photo?  Really?  I feel like I’m overdoing it with 2 or 3.  Bet that’s why they have 180K followers on Instagram though.

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