Bump In The Road – Does It Wake You Up Or Stop You?

I hit a bump this week.  Actually, I hit the bump in early January.  I have just been slow to rise up and also bump my head on the ceiling of realization.  It’s been a pretty rough couple of weeks, but I think my Grandmama’s passing made me recognize I have dropped my own ball,

10 Things – When Family Gathers For the Holiday

I just got an email from a friend who has family visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday.  It got me thinking about my family and the families of the men I now call exes.   Let’s just say I have had some interesting family gatherings over the years.   Here is a list of things, from all

Patience is the Hardest Part

For the record, I am not a fan of waiting when I am super excited about something.   I need a daily mantra on patience I think.   I’ve been reading some blogs lately where the writers have detailed the planning and research that started their full-time RV lifestyle.  I’ve learned a lot by reading their