The Evolution of an RV Plan

When I make a big decision, it inevitably evolves in several stages.  My creative and imaginative nature lends itself to fantasy and whimsy at first.  Eventually, reality and common sense prevail.  I learned this about myself long ago, I understand my process and know I should take a certain amount of time to thoroughly plan and research before implementing anything.  My future as a full-time traveler is no exception.    

In the beginning…

logo2aIn the ‘whimsy stage’ I just wanted to buy a trailer and live in it.  The idea of a simple life was much of the original appeal when I started minimizing early in the year.  I had given no thought to water, filling/emptying tanks, campgrounds, my cats, power, or anything else.  I didn’t really know anything at this point so I just focused on getting rid of unnecessary ‘stuff’.


Life is just a Fantasy…

As time passed and some research started, I entered what I like to call the ‘dreamy fantasy’ stage.  A nomadic spirit from a young age, I imagined I would buy the RV right away and travel around the country for a few months. I gave no thought to how I would fund this lofty endeavor, but it didn’t take a long look at my budget and finances to realize it wasn’t going to happen.  I didn’t need as much income as I was now earning, but I definitely needed more than the minimal savings I had on hand.  Unfortunately, performing my existing job in a mobile capacity was not an option.  I was going to need to research and think creatively about making a living on the road.  

In the more ‘practical fantasy’ stage, I figured would need to save for a couple of years, but would buy the RV immediately and live in it.  It was early springtime in Phoenix this year when I started research on living with pets in an RV full-time.  Running the air consistently during the work day would require living in a park with hook ups.  Unfortunately, every place I looked at was either too pricey or too far from my job.  Worse than that, what if the air conditioning failed in the camper with my cats locked in it while I was away at work!?

There was also the matter of buying the RV.  Did I really want a monthly payment?  I couldn’t buy it outright immediately, I needed to save.  I was going to have to make some serious budget crunching changes.


And the Reality is…

Though I still don’t have 100% of everything figured out, I have formulated an extremely practical and workable plan that will put me on the road in late summer 2016.   I took a big step toward my goals 3 weeks ago, moving from the motel to a small studio, effectively cutting the rent part of my living expenses in half.  The saving has started and I think about my future every day.  2015 started with some life changing resolutions and grand ideas about how I wanted to pursue my purpose in this world, and will close in a few months with a firm plan for the life I am meant to live;  traveling, writing and photographing my way around the US, Canada, and beyond.  Until then, I will share updates on preparations and daily life as I navigate this segment of the journey.

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