Working on a Mobile Work Plan

A few weeks ago, I took a first step in what I hope will be a sufficient income source when I begin my travels next year. In addition, this website is under constant development as I continue to slowly learn SEO and monetization principles.

I have another site as well, but it will not debut for several months. Hopefully, it will be the thing that helps me earn extra money on the road, but we shall see.

I am also researching companies who will allow me to perform my work remotely. I haven’t decided for sure if I want to go this route, but the regular paycheck, health insurance, and retirement contributions are incentives I can’t ignore.  Or can I?

My goal is to have several streams of income.  I currently have 3 projects, including this site, and the possibility of a normal-ish job that I can perform remotely. While everything is in the beginning stages, I feel good about what I will be able to accomplish by the end of next summer.

My normal 9-5 has been challenging lately. The job itself is not so bad, but some of the people, not so much. My old boss and my new boss are fantastic and supportive, thankfully. A lot of the problem is me, and I recognize that. I was not meant for a corporate environment. It does not suit my personality or my sense of reason. I’m an HSP.  So I have all the feels, all the time. grin

I confuse people too.  I’m friendly and gregarious, but absolutely an introvert.  This throws people who don’t understand what makes a person an introvert or an extrovert.  True extroverts are energized by being around other people and by social situations, while introverts find those same situations drain their energy.

My new supervisor understands this thankfully.  He even moved me away from a seating situation that would not have worked for me at all.  This should make my work environment, and daily work experience, much less mentally draining.

Things are going well in these early stages of planning. My savings got a sluggish start but that too is now going as planned.  I’m feeling pretty fantastic about how things are coming together!  GO ME!

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